Why Texas

The best of both worlds:

Round Rock Texas is located on the Travis/Williamson county line. This central Texas zone is also known to tech companies as “Silicon Hills”. Travis County is the home of Austin, Texas.  Downtown Austin being only 20 minutes away provides easy access to a thriving Civic, Arts and Entertainment culture for you and your employees. Business Friendly Williamson County is the home of Round Rock Texas. Round Rock provides you and your employees the specific experience of growth and fiscal responsibility the Texas Business Friendly Environment is renowned worldwide.    

Benefits Of Round Rock Texas

Benefits associated with your business location in Round Rock:

  • Triple free port zone: This releives your company’s inventory as nontaxable 
  • Your newly constructed facility has high probability of qualification for property tax abatement
  • Chapter 380 grants and loan availability
  • City of Round Rock has the ability to provide this resource from city funds 
  • Performance base CASH grants based on job creation, capital investment and other factors
  • Reimbursable funds towards employee for expanded job training 
  • Qualified employee pool  

Benifits Of Texas State

Benefits associated with your business location in Texas State:

  • Capital grants and loan programs via Texas State
  • New to Texas relocation expense deductions 
  • Zero state income taxes – A significant S-corp benefit
  • Sales and Use Tax free Electricity- Texas is an energy producer; Residents and Business’ reap the benefits     

Residence in Texas Hill Country

Benefits associated with your home location in Texas State:

  • Texas Families benefit from in-state tuitions. 
  • Fair fuel costs
  • Low energy costs 
  • Quality of living: Great Schools, Significant home cost to value, very low unemployment rate and upward mobility for all employees
  • Texas Values and Culture 
  • All of the access to great shopping and entertainment comparable to any USA Metropolis  

You have to see it believe it: They don't call Texas "God's County" for nothing.

Rolling Hills, Lush Greenery, Over a dozen local lakes for all water sports, outdoor sports mecca, a mild seasonal climate and an absolutely incredible make-up of citizenry. Central Texas is Jewel of Texas most people don't know exists.